Last night I watched an interview with Brene Brown on the Tonight Show, she talked about four characters of emerging leader: Brave, when things get uncertain, don’t tap out, don’t tap out of a hard conversation, don’t tap out of feedback; live out their values, clear about what their values are and have actions support these values, operationalize it; Building trust, be able to talk about trust, no trust, no teamwork; and lastly, is to show how to reset after failure, like sports team and military.

The last point stuck with me.
Every time I felt I become a stronger character because of failure and hardship. Most of those time I try to work it out myself. Next time I will try to be braver, and talk about failure more openly.

As I am writing, Trump hasn’t made a concession yet, and he has shown in public for five days. Putting judgment aside, I understand and can see my self in Trump’s hiding. When there is a failure, I also like to turn myself inward, it’s part of human nature. It reminds me of what Steve Jobs said about his public failure when ousted from Apple: “It was awful tasting medicine… but the best thing happened to me…” I hope when I grow older and older, I can grow stronger and reset from failure.