Last night I watched an interview with Brene Brown on the Tonight Show, she talked about four characters of emerging leader: Brave, when things get uncertain, don’t tap out, don’t tap out of a hard conversation, don’t tap out of feedback; live out their values, clear about what their values…

First thing first, there is no “Best” Coffee.
Enjoy a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning is an extremely personal experience. For me, on a few occasions when the air is chilly, the sun is shining, and I walk into a coffee house. I immediately notice the friendly staff…

When getting close to release a new product with data, here are a few things need to check before the PM and the team put the product into the hands of the user.

1. User can see the correct and accurate data, this means the calculation of the numbers are doing what it is supposed to do.
2. The right users can see the right information. This means users with limited permission can only access the data she is supposed to see.
3. User can see the right data at the right time. This means the user can see live data when the product is live, and see the dated data when the product is not live (example, stock market data)

Reflection from QA enablement discussion.

Yesterday (4/11/2019), Alex Honnold was in Boston promoting his work. I went to the event and had an opportunity to work on the “bouldering problem” with him.

What is the “bouldering problem”?

The bouldering problem is the hardest part of the El Captian in his El Captian Free Solo routes. It was a sequence of…

Educated, by Tara Westover

It’s a memoir about growing up in a Mormon and survivalist family. The author was homeschooled as a kid, studied on her own, enrolled in BYU, and ended up in a Ph.D. degree in history.
It’s a haunting book. Education for me (and for most people) means to expand our…

Recently I’ve talked to a VC investor. She has more than 10 years of experience investing and work closely with entrepreneurs. There are two interesting takeaways I had:

First. When investing in an early stage company, look for three “ass”: a smart-ass team, a kick-ass product, and a big-ass market…

Roger Zhu

Product Designer @Facebook. @RISD alumni. Always reading and wondering.

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